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Birthing Center
The goal of Morehead Memorial Hospital’s Birthing Center is to provide a safe, caring, educational environment for the mother during labor and delivery and for the mother and child together during the recovery and postpartum period.

When the expectant mother is admitted to The Birthing Center, she goes directly to one of eight beautifully decorated labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms. These rooms are tastefully furnished and have the feeling of home. For the comfort of family and visitors, each room has a rocker/recliner, a dinner table with matching chairs, an oak armoire with remote control color television, and a stereo with cassette tape player and compact disc player. Each room has a private bath with a shower massage and built-in sitz bath.

Birthing beds feature the latest innovations in technology and comfort with the benefit of emergency equipment which is hidden from view behind oak panels on the wall, easily accessible if needed. Mothers have a fetal monitor used during labor and an infant care warmer used during deliveries.

The John Smith, Jr. - Dalton McMichael Cancer Center provides advanced, high quality, easily accessible cancer care. It is accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. The facility houses clinical areas for both medical and radiation oncology services, as well as private rooms for patient examination and consultation.

The center’s medical oncology unit provides medical diagnosis and treatment services such as cancer diagnosis and staging, chemotherapy, blood product replacement, hydration therapy, pain management, anti-emetic therapy and use of biological response modifiers. A comfortable six-bed chemotherapy station is included in the medical oncology area.

The center’s radiation oncology unit houses a linear accelerator capable of delivering intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Once available only at major research hospitals, IMRT is a major advancement in the treatment of cancer because it enables radiation to be delivered to tumors in higher doses while sparing surrounding healthy tissue of many of the unwanted side effects of conventional radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy, including IMRT, stops cancer cells from dividing and multiplying and results in tumor shrinkage. In many cases, radiation therapy is capable of killing all cancer cells, thereby eliminating tumors.


The center also provides patient and community education programs including cancer awareness and screening, support groups, nutritional support counseling and patient referral.

Related Services

Surgical treatment of cancer and diagnostic radiology and laboratory services are available at Morehead Memorial Hospital.
For more information, contact the center at (336) 623-9713.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Chronic Disease Management

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation program offers a comprehensive package of services for patients with a variety of heart disorders. The program consists of a prescribed regimen of physical exercise that is primarily intended to improve functional work capacity and is secondarily intended to increase the patient’s confidence and well-being. Psychological, nutritional, and vocational counseling are included as part of the program.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management programs teach patients how to take care of themselves and modify their behavior to improve their quality of life. The health professionals who work in the program include nurse educators, dietitians, counselors and physicians.

Diabetes Management

The diabetes management program includes a personal health evaluation; education on health, nutrition and meal planning; how to reduce the risk of complications; living and coping with diabetes; and the benefits of exercise.

Participants are scheduled for follow-up two to three months after completion of classes.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation combines exercise training, psychosocial support, and education which are designed to help patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic lung conditions while promoting improvement in day-to-day activities. Patients work closely with their doctor, nurse, and exercise specialist to help improve their lives and restore their ability to function independently.

Other chronic lung conditions that can be helped with pulmonary rehabilitation include:

·    Asthma

·    Chronic bronchitis

·    Cystic fibrosis

·    Pulmonary fibrosis or rheumatoid lung disease

·    Occupation lung disease such as black lung or asbestosis

·    Chest wall abnormalities such as scoliosis or kyphosis

·    Neuromuscular disorder such as multiple sclerosis

·    Obesity and sleep apnea

For more information about cardiac rehabilitation and chronic disease management programs, call (336) 627-0513 or (336) 627-0409.

Cardiopulmonary Services
The Cardiopulmonary Department provides respiratory therapy and cardiovascular services to both inpatients and outpatients.

Respiratory therapists and technologists, through the use of education and clinical skills, assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and lungs. Procedures performed by the Respiratory Care staff include electrocardiograms, arterial blood gases, mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, bronchiodilator therapy, chest physiotherapy, incentive spirometry, pulse oximetry, pulmonary function studies, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and other respiratory-related procedures.

Cardiovascular technologists perform arterial and venous vascular studies, carotid artery Doppler ultrasound studies, two-dimensional echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms, stress tests, and transesophageal ultrasound studies.

Day Hospital

Surgeries and many outpatient procedures are performed in Morehead’s Day Hospital. These include major and minor surgeries, gastrointestinal procedures (endoscopies and colonoscopies), medication therapy, blood transfusions, dressing changes, and post-operative evaluations.

Many surgical procedures once requiring an overnight stay in the hospital are now performed on an outpatient basis allowing the patient to be sent home the same day.

A separate waiting area in the Day Hospital lobby is provided for the comfort and convenience of patients’ family members while procedures are being performed.


Diagnostic Imaging Services
The Diagnostic Imaging Services Department has the latest equipment available to give physicians an inside look at the workings of patients’ bodies.

At Morehead Memorial Hospital, trained technologists perform X-ray studies, ultrasound imaging, nuclear medicine, CT (computerized tomography) scans, interventional mammography, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) studies.

Coronary CT angiography is an advanced non-invasive technology for seeing inside the arteries of the heart. Similar to any other clinical CT study, it involves the injection of an X-ray contrast agent (also called a dye) in the arm, and the actual scanning, which takes only 16-20 seconds. The procedure often detects more disease than a standard X-ray angiogram (cardiac catheterization) by visualizing the soft and calcified plaque.


Emergency Services

Patients with serious illnesses and injuries will find state-of-the art equipment and expert care in the hospital’s Emergency Department. Completed in 2006, the facility features 16 private exam and treatment rooms, a fast track area to treat patients with minor complaints more quickly, and an X-ray room.
Totaling 18,970 square feet, the Emergency Department provides large, comfortable waiting areas, a vending area for visitors, security, and space to care for patients requiring decontamination or psychiatric evaluation.

Intensive Coronary Care Unit

Morehead Memorial Hospital’s intensive coronary care unit (ICCU) is designed to provide specialized and concentrated nursing care to adult medical, surgical and cardiac patient who are critically ill or injured. It also provides specialized and concentrated nursing care to pediatric patients with common pediatric emergencies.

Because this unit provides care for those with special needs, visiting hours are limited so that care may be rendered and patients will have periods of rest.

·    No visitation is allowed between the hours of 6 a.m. – 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. unless approved by the charge nurse.

·    All visitation is dependent on the condition of the patient and/or procedure being completed.

·    Short visit lengths are suggested to allow the patient to rest.

·    Only two visitors are allowed at a time in the room, unless under special circumstances.

·    No children under the age of 12 may visit, unless under special circumstances arranged with the charge nurse.

·    No one is allowed to spend the night in the patient’s room, unless under special circumstances arranged with the charge nurse.

·    No live plants or flowers are allowed in the patient’s room.

·    Sleep will not be interrupted for visitation.

·    If an emergency occurs during the visiting period, visitors will be asked to leave the unit.

·    Clergy is allowed to visit as requested by the patient.

There are no telephones in patient rooms, but ICCU staff can make phone calls or take messages for patients. Because of confidentiality rules, information about patients cannot be given out over the telephone. A telephone is available in the waiting area that visitors may use.


Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are available at Morehead Memorial Hospital 24 hours a day seven days a week for outpatient, emergency and hospital patients. Registered technologists use sophisticated biomedical equipment to provide hematology, cytology, chemistry, bacteriology, and blood bank services.



Morehead Nursing Center

Located on the hospital’s main campus, Morehead Nursing Center is a 134-bed long-term care facility. Both private and semi-private rooms are available for residents.
Major amenities provided by the center include short-term rehabilitation, a rest home unit for residents with separate dining room and day room, nursing home beds with separate dining rooms and day rooms, and an enclosed courtyard for residents and families.

Medical and wellness benefits are:

·    Individualized short-term rehabilitation therapy

·    Short-term, intermediate, and long-term skilled nursing care

·    Restorative nursing program

·    Therapeutic bathing unit

·    Certified dietitian consultant

·    Full-time social worker

·    Licensed recreational therapist

·    Physical, occupational, and speech therapy

·    Wound and skin care

·    Homelike atmosphere

·    Resident activities and local daycare

·    Pet therapy

For more information about the center, call (336) 623-9712.


Occupational Health Services

The Occupational Health Services Department at Morehead Memorial Hospital provides on and off-site health and wellness services to community businesses and industries. Services are based on the specific needs and requests of clients. Medical evaluations and care are provided by a certified occupational health physician and licensed and certified health care professionals.

The Occupational Health Services Department is located on the hospital campus to accommodate clients' needs. A needs assessment can be conducted at the worksite by a trained Occupational Health professional to keep costs as low as possible.

Major services available include:

- Audiological examinations and hearing conservation training - Injury/illness follow-up
- Breath alcohol and urine COC drug testing - Medical clearance for respirator use
- Comprehensive wellness programs - Nerve conduction testing (NCSTAT) for carpal tunnel, elbow and back problems
- Comprehensive Workers' Compensation management - Occupational Health laboratory
- DOT physicals and drug screens - Personal wellness profiles
- Emergency services - Physical examinations
- Ergonomic assessment and counseling - Pulmonary function testing
- Health and safety education and training - Rehabilitation services
- Injury and illness treatment and management - Worksite adult immunizations and TB skin tests
For more information or to set up an appointment for a workplace evaluation, call (336) 627-6182.


Rehabilitation Services

Morehead Rehabilitation Services offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services tailored to each patient’s individual needs.
An interdisciplinary team of licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work together with each patient on an individual plan of treatment. Rehabilitation Services staff and clinicians provide assistance in a caring, friendly environment that enables patients to maximize their potential.

An extensive range of services is available, including:

- Physical therapy - Osteoporosis management
- Occupational therapy - Industrial rehabilitation and work conditioning
- Speech and language therapy - Orthopedics
- Swallowing therapy - Pregnancy and post partum rehabilitation
- Fall risk reduction - Anodyne therapy
- Pediatric rehabilitation - Lymphedema management 
- Spine and back rehabilitation - Pre-driving evaluations 
- Vestibular rehabilitation - Wound care

For additional information, call (336) 627-6199.


Sleep Center

It is estimated that one of every three Americans has a sleep disorder which makes life miserable whether that person is awake or asleep. Many of the people suffer needlessly because they are unaware that problems exist.

The Sleep Center, located at Morehead Memorial Hospital, offers diagnostic testing of sleep/wake disorders on an outpatient basis. Patients referred to the center are monitored by a team of qualified and specially trained individuals using state-of-the-art diagnostic medical equipment. The center offers services to patients with the following disorders:

·    Sleep apnea—A life-threatening disorder which causes you to stop breathing repeatedly during your sleep

·    Narcolepsy—A lifelong disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day

·    Nocturnal myoclonus—A disorder involving frequent leg movements and leg jerks during sleep

·    Parasomnia—Problems that occur only during sleep or are brought about by sleep, such as nightmares, sleepwalking, sleep talking and bedwetting

·    Gastroesophageal reflux—A disorder which is caused when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus during the night


Wright Diagnostic Center

The Wright Diagnostic Center at 618 South Pierce Street houses business offices, the Morehead Wound Care Center, and The Lou McMichael Miracle Breast Imaging Suite.
The Wright Diagnostic Center features convenient parking, a central registration desk, and a spacious waiting area. Exam and dressing rooms have been designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy for patients.
Exams performed in the facility include:

·    Mammograms, both diagnostic and screening

·    Ultrasound studies, including abdominal, pelvic, obstetric, thyroid, and breast exams, as well as guided breast biopsies

·    Bone density DEXA scans and bi-plane DEXA scans

For more information about services offered and scheduling, call (336) 623-9711, extension 3405.


Women’s Diagnostic Services

Memorial Hospital
provides breast diagnostic services and bone density scans at The Lou McMichael Miracle Breast Imaging Suite at the Wright Diagnostic Center at 618 South Pierce Street. State-of-the-art digital mammograms and ultrasound exams are performed in a private suite that includes separate dressing and counseling rooms. A computer assisted scanning system assists radiologists in detecting subtle changes in breast tissues.

Stereotactic breast biopsies for further study of a lump or a suspect mammogram are performed in the Diagnostic Imaging Department on the hospital’s main campus. Breast biopsies are performed with a local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The hospital’s breast imaging program is accredited through the American College of Radiology and meets all FDA quality standards.

For more information about services offered and scheduling, call (336) 623-9711, extension 3405. 

Wound Healing Center

The Morehead Memorial Hospital Wound Healing Center, located in the Wright Diagnostic Center at 618 South Pierce Street, provides specialized care by doctors, nurses, therapists and dietitians - all working together as a team. The center offers a unique and aggressive therapy designed to control infection, improve blood flow and hasten the healing process. The center’s staff also provides education in ways to prevent the wound from recurring.

A wound that does not heal properly runs the risk of infection or serious complications that can affect the quality of life. Conditions that can benefit from wound care center services include:

·    Any wound that does not heal within a month when self treated or treated by a primary care physician

·    A condition that can cause poor wound healing, including diabetes, poor blood circulation or lack of sensation in the affected area, a location that makes a wound hard to self treat (such as buttocks), poor nutrition, a suppressed immune system (such as caused by chemotherapy or AIDS), or being immobile or bedridden

·    A previous history of nonhealing wounds

·    A large surface area burn

The wound care center team works with the patient’s personal doctor, just like any other medical specialist, to ensure an uninterrupted continuum of care.

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