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Cancer Center
Smith-McMichael Cancer Center

The John Smith Jr./Dalton McMichael Cancer Center on the campus of Morehead Memorial Hospital provides advanced, high-quality, easily-accessible cancer care to residents of Rockingham County and surrounding areas and eliminates the need for residents to leave the area to obtain cancer treatment services. The center employs some of the best medical and radiation oncologists in the region. The oncologists, along with our highly-trained nurses and cancer center staff, work with patients' regular physicians so that they remain active in their patients' medical care.
By combining both medical and radiation oncology services in one facility, patients benefit from a greatly enhanced coordination of cancer care. The medical and radiation oncology areas contain space for patient examination and consultation. A comfortable six-chair chemotherapy station is included in the medical oncology area. The radiation oncology side has a linear accelerator for radiation therapy and it is equipped for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).
We provide the following services:

includes medical diagnosis and treatment services such as cancer diagnosis and staging, chemotherapy, blood product replacement, hydration therapy, apheresis, pain management, anti-emetic therapy, and use biological response modifiers.

is a subspecialty that uses radiation to shrink or eliminate malignant tumors.

programs for the prevention and early detection of cancer include cancer screening programs, support groups, ostomy care and training, nutritional support counseling, patient referral, community education and public awareness programs.

such as the surgical treatment of cancer, diagnostic radiology and laboratory services are available through Morehead Memorial Hospital.

Gifts to honor or memorialize a loved one may be made to the Morehead Memorial Hospital Foundation, 117 E. Kings Highway, Eden, NC 27288. Please designate as a gift to the Cancer Center.

We may be reached at (336) 623-9713.

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